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Who is Direct Automotive

It started with a one bay shop on 22nd Ave. In April of 2005, after 20 years of working for Ford, Ken Rowell decided he wanted to run his own automotive business. The equipment and much of the business coaching came from Abbie Shumey and his College Heights Certigaurd shop. During the first 6 months business increased steadily to the point that Ken realized he needed a full time service advisor. In another place, at the same time, Abbie came to the conclusion that his new job was not for him. He missed his customers and the car care business. In October of 2005 Abbey and Ken became partners and have continued to grow the business, so much so that they had to move the business to a larger shop at 1615 S. Lyon. They are now joined by highly trained, highly motivated journeymen technicians. They continue to improve the equipment, the technician training and increase the services offered. They now boast the most complete range of quality services of any shop in Prince George. So drop in and have a coffee with Abbie and Ken and feel the satisfaction of knowing you are in good hands.
1615 S.Lyon Street Prince George BC