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Why choose Direct Automotive

We will save you money! Not small money, like the type you can save on low cost superficial maintenance. Real money, like the type that you can save by driving a car, payment free, long after most people have traded it in on a new car with payments. Our customers find that, by following our advise, they can keep their vehicles for 15 years or more, often over three-hundred and fifty thousand kilometres, and the vehicle is still dependable. This is a savings to them of over thirty-thousand dollars. No amount of skipped or discounted service can save you this much.

We are easy to fit into your day. We offer a shuttle to get you where you need to go. No need to waist valuable time off having your car serviced.

We are a one stop shop. Everything you could possibly need for your vehicle can be handled by us. This saves you time, but also, because we service your entire vehicle you get a superior prioritization of your vehicles needs. For example; imagine a car that has 40% tread left on its tires, 10% left on its brakes, and the transmission fluid needs serviced. A transmission specialist may tell you that a transmission service is needed. The tire shop may tell you that you need new tires. The brake shop may, rightly, tell you that it's time for brakes. At Direct Automotive, we will tell you about all three. How much each will cost to repair, and then advise you that the brakes, as a safety concern, are your first priority. The tires are going to need to be replaced soon, and that the transmission service, as a maintenance item, is due when your budget permits. At Direct Automotive, you are in control of your vehicle's service. Our job is to help you prioritize, not sell you services.

We have no other bosses. Chain stores are responsible to their franchises (often needing to move product), dealerships are responsible to their car companies (who have no reason to want you to keep your car 15 years). We are only working for you. Happy car owners, driving their cars, as long as reasonably possible, is beneficial for both of us.

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We will save you money! Not small money, like the type you can save on low cost superficial maintenance. Real money.

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